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About the 'RePower Drop Box'

The 'RePower Box' is a custom made collection bin in which environmentally aware community members can deposit the cell phones and small electronics they need to dispose of. Our staff periodically picks up all the deposits which are then brought to our sorting center. Here they are responsibly processed depending on each device and condition, ensuring that the reuse potential is fully maximized. 


The base of the box is 1 foot by 1 foot. The overall surface that it will occupy is 14" by 16" as the top part is slightly bigger, to offer a more pleasing design and a larger surface for text and images. The total height of the box is 57" with 41.5" for the base container and an additional 15.5" for the top panel.


Please review the graph for a better understanding of its dimensions:

Finished prototype

Items we accept

Cell phones


We accept all models and makes of cell phones (also includes smart phones, PDAs, and other handheld cellular communication devices). We do not care about the condition of the item. Conditions can vary from new, to used, to broken into pieces. Don't throw any of it away through conventional trash disposal methods.


Cell phone Accessories


Did you know that batteries are some of the most damaging items when thrown away? This is why we accept all types of accessories. We will make sure anything, from batteries, to chargers, to cases, is responsibly processed.


Small electronics


If it fits in through the mouth of our 'RePower Box' then we will process it!


This list ranges from music players (i.e. iPods, CD Players), to computer parts and accessories (i.e. mice, webcams, hard drivers), to gadgets (i.e. digital cameras, GPS devices).


Too big for the 'Drop Box'?


Not a problem. Let us know about it and we will find a way to help. 

Here's Where We Are:

Power Cellular, Inc.
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(801) RePower

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Business Hours

10 AM - 6 PM

What's New...

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