RePowering the future...
RePowering the future...

How RePower Cellular works!

Now that you understand that we provide fundraising options through eco-friendly collections of cell phones and small electronics here is how we do it.


1. Initial assesment

This is the process where we present our services to a potential partner and determine the best way to implement the RePower program. This is the logistics step. We determine location, number of bins, design, and most importantly the beneficiary of the fundraiser. Most partners prefer to collect to the benefit of a non-for-profit charitable organization, however, the choice is yours.


2. 'RePower Box' implementation

Once agreed on the number of boxes, design, and other logistical decisions, we customize the box and deliver it.


3. Fundraiser marketing

After the collection bin is in place we work jointly with our participating partner to promote the fundraiser. This is done via online and printed media, social networking, mouth to mouth, and other means of communication. The more people know about it the more donations will be given.


4. Pick up and processsing

Once enough time has been allowed for donations we will arrange a pick up and transport them to our processing center. This will happen periodically if the fundraiser is an ongoing event. Once received all devices will be sorted into functional and non functional. After testing the functional devices will undergo data destruction in order to protect personal privacy. 


5. Valorification of donations

After the devices are tested they are sorted in qualifying and non-qualifying categories. In order to qualify the device must power on, have a good LCD, make a test call, and not be completely physically damaged (broken, missing parts). These devices will be appraised at a certain value depending on manufacturer and model. The devices that do not qualify will be assigned a value by weight. Accessories and miscelanious items will also be assigned a value by weight. To find out more about the pay out value please don't hesitate to contact us. After the total value of donations is calculated it will benefit the cause and/or program agreed upon.


6. What happens to the donated items after processing?

Once the devices are processed (tested and sorted) we will maximize their potential. The best way to recycle a functional or repairable/refurbishable device is by re-use and market re-entry. This is the greenest and most low-resource way to process these items. In cases where the items can not be re-used in any form, they will be sent to large recyclers where the precious components will be separated and enter another process of recycling. This will ensure that the scrap value will be maximized and kept out of landfills. 

Here's Where We Are:

Power Cellular, Inc.
1151 Waukegan Rd

Second Floor
Glenview, IL 60025


(801) RePower

(801) 737 6937

Business Hours

10 AM - 6 PM

What's New...

Helping The Lake Forest Chapter of Delta Chi raise funds for The V Foundation

More info at the event page.

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